Art and design schools are fast transitioning in a changing world.

Social changes, economic fluctuations, political upheavals, ecological crises, and public health concerns are now omnipresent; redefining our common interests and raising new questions around our well-being. They are making us question the way we produce common goods, the establishment of real equality, our culture of hospitality, the circular economy, and much more – pushing us towards a new era of sobriety and slowdown. These dramatic changes in the signs of the times are undoubtedly showing a direct impact on the art and design these schools are dealing with, necessitating them to not only multiply their educational and research projects but also to constantly modify their structures and adapt their pedagogy.

ANdEA’s last two seminars called “Transitions, reality” were aimed at tracking this very phenomenon – to collectively take stock of the French public higher art and design schools in order to track their transition. To capture the current locus of the gradual shift from an extractivist, capitalist, and patriarchal world, which some call the Anthropocene, to a different world. A world where human beings would perhaps inhabit the Earth in a different way – reinventing their existence, their goals, and create new paradigms. Nearly 400 members of our community worked together across 7 thematic workshops, all designed to make us reflect upon the immediate actions required to support our schools during their “transitions”.