The General Direction for Artistic Creation (DGCA), which defines state policies in the matter of the visual arts, assures the pedagogical management of 46 schools/institutions. It determines the regulation of higher education pertaining to the visual arts and ensures its application.
The National Schools of Art and public administrative establishments are directly under its supervision.
In different regions of France, the Regional Directions for Cultural Affairs (DRAC) ensure the implementation of the directives of the Minister of Culture and provide their support to schools on very specific cultural programmes.

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➔ Direction générale de la création artistique

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The Canson company is heir to 500 years of know how which has made it the world leader in fine arts paper products: from the invention of the Hot Air Balloon in 1782 to the first photographic paper in 1865, as well as tracing paper, colored paper and paper for publications and art photos, Canson represents more than 450 years of research and innovation in the service of artists. The greatest creators have all used Canson paper products: Delacroix, Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Dali, Warhol, Alberola, Philippe Starck, Yan Pei-Ming. The establishment has created unique links with users by providing them with both support and visibility, whether they be artists, designers, architects, fashion designers, graphic novel artists, photographers, passionate amateurs… A defender of creation through its many sponsorship activities, Canson has been a partner to the ANdÉA since 2006 and each year offers welcome packs to first year students.
For the fourth consecutive year Canson has organised the Canson Art School Award, the goal of which is to become an award of reference for art students, in French speaking Europe at first, and ultimately on an international level. The Canson Art School Award has twin objectives:
_To provide media exposure to young talents coming from art schools and art universities
_To support and assist the winning artists in the launching of their art career
The Canson company, paper products partner to higher Schools of Art, have supported the ANdÉA since 2006.


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