How to apply?

43 Public higher schools of art and design
A large national campus

1. Consult the list of 43 schools: you will find here a search engine allowing a multi-criteria prospecting
2. Select schools that interest you
3. Contact institutions preferably before February if you want to start in September to find out precisely how to apply (the deadlines, the documents to send…)
4. Or apply via before February if you have already validated 3 years in a higher education institution and particularly if you are an applicant from a non-EU country (Campus Art gives access to advisers, single form and visa facilitation…)

There are also classes or training specially dedicated to foreign students and non French speakers in particular, that combine French language classes and preparation for art school entrance exams:
Esad Saint Etienne
Beaux-arts de Nantes
Esa Dunkerque/Tourcoing
Ensba Lyon